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Editorial requirements

Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology
Department of Ship Power Plants

Requirements for authors


        # General requirements

  1. The article should be written in the Microsoft Word editor in one column, without dividing words, without, besides given below, formatting, of principle character font of 12 points Times New Roman, and of principle full justification (left - right) with the single space between lines of text.
  2. All tittles cannot contain any punctuation marks at line end. The title of paper, author's names, addresses and numbers of telephone, fax and the e-mail, legends, the name chapters and subchapters, titles under figures and over tables are titles. If there are several authors of the paper, at least whole information of one author must be complete.
  3. Equations, references, and itemizes are not the titles. They must have suitable punctuation marks. Editor recommends using commas and points in the above sentences.
  4. The size page: A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm).
  5. Margins for every page are the same: top and bottom - 2.5 cm, left and right - 2.1 cm.
  6. Page setup: the headers - 1.25 cm, footers - 1.25.
  7. Pages should not be numbered.
  8. The first page should begin the title written bold capital letters of 14 points Times New Roman, 4 cm from top with the paragraph in the line centre, and the single space.

       # Paper

  1.  The paper title - 14 points Times New Roman should be written CAPITAL BOLD LETTERS with one line space in the line centre. All centre justifications refer to the margin left and right, and not to indentions.
  2. Indention is 0.6 cm. Other, particularly greater, indentions (1.25 cm, 1.27 cm) will not be accepted. All indentions are 0.6 cm.
  3. Abstract (the minimum of 150 words by 250 words) of 10 points Times New Roman Italic Bold +Italic.
  4. Keywords (5 ones that describe the content of the paper - from general to particular) should be written of 10 points Times New Roman Italic Bold +Italic. At the end of keywords there is no point.
  5. Illustrations only within the body of the paper in the line centre will be accepted. Numbered having titles under figures, photographs should be written with 10 points Times New Roman Italic (please use for marking figures shortenings "Fig. " - e.g. "Fig. 2. The dependence"...). At the end title please do not place point.
  6. Tables only within the body of the paper and justify in relation to margins (left and right, and not incisions) will be accepted. Numbered subscriptions over tables should be written 10 points Times New Roman Italic. In the subscription end above table please do not place point.
  7. Equations please write at the line centre and with mark of the number on the right of the line, the right justification.
  8. Equations should be inserted into the sentence with all over punctuation marks.
  9. Numbered titles chapters please place on the left side of the page - 12 points Times New Roman, Bold.
 10. Please leave one line of space before and after every title, behind excerpt the beginning and end of every page.
 11. References in alphabetical order (Max of 25 items) numbered in parentheses square [] should contain the surname, the comma, the first name or initials, comma - 12 points Times New Roman, then the title of publications, comma - 12 points Times New Roman Italic, the journal name, editor, the number, pages, the place of issue and the year - 12 points Times New Roman. At the end please place point. Pleases do not use colons and semicolons.
 12. Papers with high quality (pictures with 300dpi for the text width, professionally performed figures and plots should be original. It allows copies the high grade of the 300 dpi resolution.
 13. Basic labels on drawings should have font size of 10 points. The minimum-font labels on drawings cannot be smaller than 6 points. Editor permits labels with the Times New Roman fonts. Editor recommends legends with Arial fonts.
 14. Copyrights of the paper notified printable in the Journal of POLISH CIMEEAC pass on the editor.
 15. All drawings, tables and equations should be introduced into the body of the paper. Any separately supplied items will not be accepted.



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