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Editorial requirements

The procedure of safeguarding against cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship

Honesty and integrity are the foundations of science. Authors of papers should in a transparent, sound and trustworthy way present the results of their scientific work, regardless of being the direct writers or having been assisted by specialized entities (either legal or physical).
The editing team puts particular attention on cases of academic dishonesty, as defined by the following terms:
ghostwriting - a situation in which paper's actual author or co-author is not disclosed as being the author or co-author, or when his or her role is not mentioned in the acknowledgments published in the paper;
guest authorship (honorary authorship) - a situation when contribution of a co-author was negligible or did not take place at all, yet he or she was listed as one of the actual authors;
plagiarism - putting one's own name on another writer's text, citing in slightly changed wording texts of other authorship without providing their source, including translation of another writer's text with no source given, as well as using generally available texts without identifying their origin.
In order to eliminate the above mentioned types of academic dishonesty, the editing team has established the following rules:
1. Authors of papers submitted for publication are required to disclose contribution of individual authors (listing their affiliation and own input) in creation of the publication, this requirement applies first and foremost to the submitting author.
2. In cases of publication's research being financed by domestic or foreign organizations, the author/authors is/are obliged to list the sources of financing in the publication.
3. Identified cases of academic dishonesty will be made public.
5. The editing team will document all indications of academic dishonesty on part of authors.
6. The editing team has the right to decline reviewing any paper submitted by an author with a documented case of academic dishonesty, identified within 5 years prior to the submission.  

eclaration "anti - ghostwriting" policy

I declare that the article sent to “Journal of Polish CIMEEAC” editorial staff
has not been published before and is in accordance with anti-ghostwriting policy

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